The 2018 Mercedes E Class in a Nutshell

The 2018 Mercedes E Class in a Nutshell ~ The 2018 Mercedes E Class, what do you know about it? People know that when it comes to executive cars, it is the Mercedes ones—manufactured by Mercedes-Benz—that lead in the world and are rivaled by the BMW ones. People also know that the E Class in Mercedes is the darling of the brand. Many people surely want to have the E-Class Mercedes cars. They offer prestige, luxury, and comfort. The 2018 Mercedes E Class is about to release. Mercedes lovers undoubtedly are expecting this car. This E Class Mercedes Coupe is such an impressive work of Mercedes-Benz since it is an exception for it is only small amount of people who usually want to buy coupe cars.

The 2018 Mercedes E Class in a Nutshell
The 2018 Mercedes E Class in a Nutshell

It is sporty but it’s never too harsh since it is a Mercedes car. The car doesn’t sound as the power comes. There won’t be exhaust noise to hear. What are other things to make this newest E Class of Mercedes-Benz so special? Let’s check this out:

The Look and Designs

The 2018 Mercedes E Class that is called The Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe, comes with a new style: having the most updated technology that offers great safety and connectivity and also having more room for passengers. Of course, Mercedes-Benz has been stick to its commitment to offer elegance, luxury, and beauty to the customers. This E Class Coupe offers elegance, beauty and luxury as well. It is completed with great features and details: having corners that are more rounded and fewer sharp metal creases. Here, more details about this newest Mercedes E Class:

  • It comes with two doors.
  • The backseat is so comfortable and spacious that fits four adult people.
  • Its wiper blades are completed with a magic vision control that has thirty small holes drilled into them so when you use the washer fluid then the window will be like being washed without any water.
  • It has four unobtrusive and elegant vents located in the center of its dashboard that makes the interior design of this car even greater.
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The Specification of the Engine

This E Class is lower in engine specification compared to the C Class. Its 3L V6 engine that completed with double turbo is available to do high-speed driving though. The top speed that can be reached by this E Class Mercedes is 102 mph. Its engine power is able to produce 354 lb-feet of torque and 329 PH.

The Price and the Date to Release

Mercedes lovers unfortunately have to wait at least until the end of 2017 for the exact information of the price and date to release this E Class Mercedes. However, some information about the price estimation has been spread: it is about sixty thousand American dollars. The hearsay also says that it will be released in summer 2017.

So, what do you think? You, as the Mercedes-car lovers also can’t wait to purchase this E Class, right? Hopefully, this article about the 2018 Mercedes E Class can give you enough information.